Fronto Leaf Canada Wide

Tobacco Fronto Leaf Canada

Fronto Leaf Canada Wide – All Leaves are available for shipping Canada Wide. When your looking for an authentic Tobacco leaf Canada, Hotgrabbz has just what your looking for. However you like to smoke, we have a variety of options to choose from. Medium Fronto leaf, CT Fronto Leaf, Xtra Stout and the Mexican San Andreas Leaf.

Hotgrabbz Fronto Leaf Sold Canada Wide

The Medium Fronto leaf is a very popular rolling leaf. This Tobacco Leaf is used as a wrapper for many different cigars and is very similar to the Backwoods leaf. This extra large, milk chocolaty coloured leaf is grown right here in Canada and is perfect for rolling blunts. Keep your leaf stored in a nice moist package because your going to have it for a while.

Cut up to 20 blunts from one Tobacco Leaf, and store the rest for later.

Xtra Stout Fronto leaf

Xtra Stout Fronto – Dark and Bold. This Xtra Stout Leaf is one of the most smoothest leaves you will every try. Slow burning and great for when rolling your own cigars and/or cigarillos. Lets not forget about them blunts…. Get about 10-12 blunt leaves from 1 single leaf. It’s not as big as the Med or the CT leaf, but much easier to handle and little thicker than both leaves

Medium Fronto leaf Canada

CT Fronto Leaf

Very similar to the Medium fronto, The CT Fronto Leaf is an extra large leaf that can provide up to 20 blunts. The difference between these two leaves is the colour, texture and strength. The CT Leaf is thinner, and just like the medium, it wraps premium cigars. If you like to a roll smooth blunt, then this is the perfect tobacco leaf for you.

Order your CT Fronto Leaf Today Canada

Mexican San Andreas Leaf

The Mexican San Andreas Leaf is an extremely rare but popular cigar wrapper leaf. Its dark musky shine earns its way to the top of the charts when comparing Fronto leaves. When smoked, this leaf has a slight peppery spice and noticeably sweet toasted taste to it. Although the Mexican San Andreas is much smaller than the CT and the Medium Fronto Leaf, Connoisseurs still consider it one of the best in the world.

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