How To Store Your Fronto Leaves

How To Store Your Fronto Leaves

How To Store Your Fronto Leaves

Remember your Fronto leaf is a natural product & can typically last for two years if it’s well taken care of.

Things you want to take into consideration are:

  1. Packaging & How To Store Your Fronto Leaves.

Make sure to store your leaves in an airtight container of your own; or you can keep your leaves in your HOTGRABBZ packaging; as long as you be sure to:

  • RIP OUT THE CENTER STEM OF YOUR LEAF (Now You Should Have 2 Half-a-Leaves)
  • Check your leaf/leaves daily for dryness or too much moisture.

If your leaf is Too Dry…

  • You can revive your Fronto leaf by adding a little bit of hot water to the bag or container & letting it sit for a bit.


  • You can wash your leaf in warm water. (Be careful, if your leaf is too dry the water power can crack or damage your leaf).

When you wash your leaf, you MUST LET IT DRY!!

When your leaf is Too Wet… (Careful Of Green Mold)

  • Taking moisture out of the Fronto leaf is a simple task. All you need to do is get some paper towel & start dabbing your leaf until it looks & feels like their was no wetness to begin with.
  • Now that your leaf isn’t soaked, you can let it sit & air dry for a couple minutes.

Hotgrabbz recommends pre-cutting your blunts when doing this procedure.

REMEMBER, because Hotgrabbz Fronto Leaves are 100% natural, which also means that the leaves can begin fermenting, this is the stage it goes through before it begins to mold. You will start to see little white spores (white fluff) begin to appear on the leaf, which can be wiped off and is perfectly normally and harmless.

If your product should have a visible green fluff on the leaf, this is MOLD and it CANNOT be wiped away and is harmful. So if you have any green fluff on your leaf, this is due to expiration and poor care for your leaf. The best environment to store your tobacco would be in a cool, dry, & not too dark of an area. This will help prevent Mold. (Moisture will Always Lead To Mold Over-Time).

By De-Stemming your leaves, your Fronto will not mold and last much longer in storage.


  • Check up on your leaves at least once a week & give the bag or container a bit of air.


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