American Bogey Leaf

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American Bogey Leaf – Fresh from the Farms in the U.S, the American Bogey Leaf has a golden brown discoloration to it.  This RYO tobacco’s one of the most commonly used leaves in the industry today. It’s a major ingredient in cigarette blends for almost every type of cigarette on the market today.

It’s even used as hookah and pipe tobacco all over the world.

Usually when take a look at the leaf, you will see it having minor spots and discoloration on the leaves. This is normal, so there’s no need for concern. Although this tobacco leaf is “uncut”, we don’t consider it a wrapper grade leaf. Organic tobaccos tend to lack the quality as other tobaccos, because they are less touched and handled.

With Hotgrabbz, you can always enjoy your smoke with peace of mind. 

When you know your leaf has never been touched or processed by any commercial company. You have the satisfaction of knowing it’s grown and handled NATURALLY & ORGANICALLY

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5 Full Leaves, 10 Full Grabba Leaves, 15 Full Leaves

1 review for American Bogey Leaf

  1. Smokesmoker

    hurt my mouth to smoke, was green and it smelled like a moldy barn

    • admin

      how long have you had it? and if it was green why would u smoke it? it probably did mold

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