Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Do you have a storefront or a location I can pick up? 

A: We do not. The location customers see online is a warehouse for our administration & exporting purposes only. 


  1. Due to Covid-19 we do not have a location for customers to come to. You can however; keep an eye out for the monthly promos that we send through email & post on our Social Media accounts, that offer SAME DAY PICK UP (and/or purchase anything in our store over $200+ & receive a pickup option in your checkout screen). 
  2. You can find one of our convenience store locations in our IG feed to pick up a quick pack of Grabba. (Be sure to ask for HOTGRABBZ Brand). 
  3. You can order online between the hours of 9am & 6pm Monday to Sunday (There is a delivery fee).

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(Order BEFORE 6pm- Please include your order number in your email transfer – To Avoid Delay) 

Which Grabba is the hottest, or which one do you recommend? 

It’s not that simple! Everyone has a different tolerance intake or a preferable draw. We say, to each their own. But if you asking for my own preference, I’d have to say that I mix the 2 together.

Red Herring Grabba is hot and more of a rustic camp fire smell & burn. We love its draw because it’s smoother, with a nice Ryu Fly Kick to the throat. 

Red Rose Grabba is also hot but do not be fooled by the flower sweeter scent, it’s less smooth and has a more aggressive draw, that tends to “throat tump” smokers. 

Check out the description and Frequently Asked Questions of each leaf here: