What Is Grabba Leaf?

Hotgrabbz Grabba Blem

What Is Grabba Leaf? HotGrabba, Red Herring or Red Rose Grabba. All of these terms refer to a dark, THICK leaf that’s usually crushed and blended with marijuana.

The Most Popular Grabba Leaf Choices Are:

Red Rose Grabba , which doesn’t have a very strong smell, but has a very strong draw when crushed and blended with your weed. When asked what is Grabba Leaf? Red Rose Grabba is among the most popular leaves to be mentioned first. But remember, Red Rose Grabba has no distinct smell. However, it may give off a chocolaty flavor when mixed and burned. Enjoy!!!

The Red Herring Tobacco Leaf is the total opposite when it comes to smell. These Dark Thick leaves are very potent and will over-power the smell in any room. When you ask, what is Grabba Leaf? Red Herring Grabba is the most popular among all other types of HotGrabba in Canada. It’s most likely going to be the first name you hear when users describe Grabba. Red Herring Grabba has the strong smell of smoke, outdoor wood BBQ, camp fire etc..

Your Smoking experience will change, when you add a little HotGrabba.

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