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What’s Grabba? These leaves are typically known as raw leaf tobacco. When cured, the Red Herring is put over a wood burning fire, giving it an extremely dark color and smoked smell.

The Red Herring is one of the most popular leaves in Canada, and is starting to become a little more popular in the United States.

How to use Grabba?

Grabba is mostly used as a blem for weed. pipe tobacco blends, snuff, chewing tobacco and even some cigarette blends. When seasoning your marijuana, you can either Dry out your Leaf or Rip off a small piece while it’s still Moist.

When DRY:

  • Just break off a small piece for your spliff.
  • Crush a small amount (if you don’t want your spliff too hot) or and mix together with your weed. (You may have to try a couple times, just to find the right blend for you).
  • Roll your spliff and enjoy.

When Moist:

  • Break off a strip that can cover the area of your rolling paper.
  • Lay your strip of leaf on top of your paper
  • Drop your weed on top of both your rolling paper and piece of grabba
  • Roll up and enjoy…

Red Herring Hot Grabba Leaf – Leaves are available for shipping Canada Wide. When your looking for an authentic Tobacco leaf Hotgrabbz has just what your looking for. However you like to smoke, we have a variety of options to choose from. Red Herring/ Light and Red Rose

Hot Grabba Tobacco Leaf Canada

Red Herring Grabba is one of the most popular tobacco leaves, because of its strong Smokey smell and flavor. We give customers the option to choose from a lighter leaf, to the strongest Red Herring Grabba Leaf available. This tobacco leaf will add a kick to your spliff/blunt, and will also give it a little Smokey flavor.

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Red Rose Grabba Leaf

Red Rose is also very popular with a specific demographic of smokers. Here at Hotgrabbz we have the darkest, fluffiest leaves available for order online. This tobacco leaf has a strong natural smell, and when dried and crushed in a spliff, it tends to give a very harsh kick if mixed with too much. Some actually say that the Red Rose Grabba Leaf is stronger than the Red Herring Grabba Leaf. I say that’s up to the smoker and it depends on how you like your smoke. But with Red Rose I’ve definitely used just a little and had a thumping spliff, so test your mixtures and try both leaf types.

You will never be disappointed with Hotgrabbz Red Rose tobacco leaves as long as your looking for that kick and not flavor. If you want flavor then get the Red Herring Leaf, all of our products are available for shipping Canada Wide.

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Not Looking For Grabba?

Roll Fronto Leaves and get up to 25 blunts from 1 Tobacco Leaf.

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