Where To Get Grabba/Fronto Edmonton Alberta?!?

Grabba Leaf

Where To Get Grabba/Fronto Edmonton Alberta?!? If you have questions about where to find Grabba/Fronto in Alberta. Well then look no further, Hotgrabbz is here with all different types of rolling leaves for your smoking needs. Fronto or Rolling leaves vary from the Med Qb-52 to the infamous Mexican San Andres Leaf. These leaves give you up to 30 blunts when cut correctly.

Fronto leaf

Another type of Fronto’s known as the Connecticut Fronto or CT Leaf. The CT Leaf is much thinner than the MED leaf and larger in size. It is one of the favorites for cigar wrapper for many smokers.

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HotGrabbz is the Canadian brand for whole leaf tobacco. So instead of individual blunts in a package like Backwoods or Century Sams. The Fronto’s one large, unprocessed tobacco leaf, sealed for freshness. Usually this product’s grown in Canada, Jamaica or The United States.

The Fronto leaf gives you a deep, bold, efficient and potent smell when smoked. Before it’s popularity in Canada & The United States, the Fronto leaf was specifically enjoyed by Jamaicans and other Caribbean Islanders. Fronto’s the most original way to smoke your blunts. Cheap easy and still effective!!

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