How To Download eUTV On Your Device


How To Download eUTV – Step by-step we provide a tutorial that will provide you with instructions on how to Install and eUTV on Firestick, Apple TV, and your Android TV Box.

eUTV is brand new all-inclusive streaming service that offers thousands of channels throughout the world for ONE LOW PRICE!!

How To Download eUTV For FireStick

Setting up the eUTV app on an Amazon Fire TV Stick.  If you don’t have a web browser installed then you must do that first. Then:

  1. Go to the search and type downloader.
  2. Then type in ES FILE APP, download and install
eutv firestick downloader
eutv firestick downloader

Then you can go to and look for the free download for eUTV.

When checkout is complete, you must still install the eUTV file by clicking on The Firestick Link under Downloads in your cart.

(Check the date if you do not know the name of your new download.)

How To Download eUTV For Android Devices

First step is go to into your settings in your Android Device and then look for (security & restrictions). Then click the tab Enable Unknown Sources. Make sure the option Unknown sources is ON (because it is off by default). This will allow you to install Android applications (APK files) outside of the Google Play Market.

Android Security & Restrictions

Make Sure You Have File Manager

Before we get into the downloading. Let’s make sure you have a file manager folder in your Android Boxes Apps Folder.

To manage APK files you must have a file manager folder for your Android box. There should be one already installed by default, but if not make sure you do. It doesn’t really matter which manager you install, but when you type in file manager in the Google Play Store, the most popular one will come up first.

Android File Manager

Once you have install the file manager, open it up just to make sure that there aren’t any additional setup steps.

Installing eUTV

Now that your device is ready for installing Apk. files. You can now enter your web browser and type in: and hit EUTV for the free download.

It will automatically direct you to website for download.

  1. Scroll down and click the drop down menu
Drop down menu
  1. Click Free Download
eUTV free download
  1. Then Add your selection to the Cart & Proceed to checkout.

You must then fill out the application with the appropriate information.


YOU MUST be able to receive emails to the address provided, because your Username & Password will be sent to that location.

When you have completed checkout your eUTV Downloads will appear in your cart. Select the correct download for your device and then follow the directions your box provides.

Installation Completed

Now that your FREE Installation is complete, you have to purchase credits for it to active. So just repeat the same procedure, but instead of selecting the free download, select the amount of time you would like your services for.

eUTV monthly plans

3 MONTHS Service $50

6 MONTHS Service $90

1 YEAR Service $175

Or try $4.99 for 3 DAYS.

When you purchase your credits please wait for your Username & Password to appear in your email (Takes less than an 20 mins).

Enter your username and password EXACTLY how it is given to you. (Case Sensitive)

Your All Set!!

Now you can enjoy Over 3000 channels Of Your Liking!!

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